Music Is One Of The Greatest Escapes

In many ways, music is one of the greatest means of escape that we have. It gives a voice to the voiceless. It can match up with your emotions in an almost indefinable way, resonating with you on a deeply profound level that can stick with you for a lifetime. Like any art form, music often lends itself to individual interpretation, even when the subject matter is immensely specific. You can see things in it that are very personal, creating a serious connection that allows you an immensely impactful catharsis every single time you hear it.

Admittedly, these are boastful claims, but any lover of music will know them to be true. Whether your musical appetite is large and varied or you just have a core group of albums and songs you revisit, there really is something to be said for the impact that music can have on us on an emotional level. Life can be immensely difficult, and it’s sometimes just as hard to put our troubles into words. Great music can help do that for us. Even if we’re not getting our frustrations out in a direct manner, there’s always that perfect song out there that seems to come from an artist that’s speaking about precisely what we’re going through.

Of course, even instrumental music can be immensely emotional. Many people also burst into tears upon hearing music with lyrics in languages they don’t even understand if the melodies happen to be powerful enough. There’s even more possibility as well. Sometimes music can simply help put you in a better mood or even help you feel pumped up. The variety of moods, feelings, and emotions that music can either instill or embellish is truly staggering.

All of this may seem pretentious to some, but it’s actually immensely understated for those that “get it.” If you’ve ever been stuck in life, completely down on your luck, or in dire need of a boost and then found that perfect song that seems to help you get through it, you already know exactly why music truly is one of the greatest escapes we have available to us. It can either transport us to a better emotional space or help us deal with what we’re going through head on. Music is a deeply powerful thing, and there is no way to possibly overstate its importance in the grand scheme.

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