Understanding Taste In Music

Here’s a bold claim for you; there is no good music. Alternatively, there isn’t a such thing as bad music either! It really all comes down to whether something happens to connect with you or not, and that in itself can happen in a variety of different ways. None are more invalid than any other. How people experience and appreciate music is incredibly personal to them, whether they realize it or not.

One thing that’s often said about music is that it’s actually a form of art. People can argue about that all they want, but when it all comes down to it, all signs point to that likely being true. Just like art, music can often be interpreted in several different ways. It goes beyond just lyrics as well. One person might hear a particular melody and feel that it’s too sad, whereas another person may feel like it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever heard. Almost everyone has had the experience of absolutely loving a particular song that their family members or friends have dismissed as pure noise as well, so the fact that music is experienced differently from person to person is a monumentally observable fact.

So, all of the parts that might make up a song can easily hit people in different ways. The same song can be appreciated by a wealth of people all for completely unique reasons. One person might enjoy the basic rhythm, beat or groove. The key or scale that the music or melody is based on might perk another person’s ears up. Then if there are lyrics, whatever they’re conveying might be the element that seals the deal with someone else, even if everything else is completely secondary. A fourth party then might think it’s all the worst thing they’ve ever heard!

The amazing thing is that none of these people are wrong. No matter what it is, every song can be construed as either amazing or terrible. As such, you actually can’t say that there’s any such things as good or bad music. With that in mind, it’s really time for people to be more understanding about differences in taste. People get awfully judgmental over what songs others enjoy, and it’s a real shame. If you ever find yourself looking down on anyone over such things, just remember – what you think is the worst song in the world might be someone else’s favorite, and neither of you are wrong in the slightest. It’s best to just focus on what actually moves you and let others enjoy their own favorites in the same way.

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